Wanted a cordless landline/VOIP handset

I am in the process of trying to decide if we should drop our land line and switch completely to VOIP. (We have wireless internet access) To kick start this analysis we need to change our cordless land line handset to one which will connect to both a land line and VOIP. Ideally the use of landline or VOIP would be made at the press of a button on the handset. Recomendations would be welcome.


  1. Have you consider using a VoIP service through MAXroam? You slip a MAXroam SIM into one of your unlocked mobile phones and that gives you a Irish landline number with (pay-as-you-go) VoIP service. It’s quite reliable for me, using 3 as the carrier.

  2. liam noonan says:

    I considered it Bernie but our mobile signal is very weak in upperchurch. Our eircom dect cordless had to be resuscitated a few times and it needs replacing. A VOIP/PSTN hybrid would be a nice bridging solution.

  3. voip phones says:

    Wouldnt using both the voip and the landline use be a bit complicated and more costly. But it will be very useful and the cost after having the phone setup it will be very cost effective.

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