DADGAD Chord Progressions and backing irish music

I have resurrected my ambition to back irish music using the DADGAD tuning. I recently bought Pierre Bensusan’s book The Guitar Book and I am rereading Sarah McQuaid’s DADGAD book.

Pierre’s book is a work of love and is evident from reading it. It focuses on tablature rather than chords.
Sarah’s book covers chords but is too text oriented and confusing, I do not doubt Sarah’s expertise but I do not have enough music theory to firmly grasp what she is explaining.
The best introduction and explanation of chords to use for backing Irish music is FREE and is written by Hans Speek, the DADGAD part of his website explains and provides examples of chords to use to back music in different keys.
I decided to derive the chords as suggested by Hans and draw the chord diagrams for the various notes. This was time consuming but worth while. Where possible I progressed the chords up the fret board. Where that wasn’t possible I used the 4 low sounding strings for the first few notes and the high sounding strings for the notes further up the scales.
Practising chord scales does actually help as I put the theory to the test last night. Keeping up with the speed of the reels and jigs was the tricky part.
Hans approach does work well and has given me some ideas on interesting chord progressions for tunes.

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