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The tour of Ireland stage 2 passed through Upperchurch a short time ago. The race leader was Fredrik Ericsson of team pezula who is the current Swedish time trial champion. Ericsson switched to road racing in 2007 winning 13 races with a total of 24 podium places had a half mile lead on the main pack. The support crew and marshals took 15 minutes to pass by.

In the second photo you can see Michael Barry (CAN) and Marco Pinotti (ITA) and Mark Canedish(GBR) who won stage 1 of team columbia


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RSS feeds have now been restored and point to feedburner. A big thank you to John for pointing this out to me.
Its not often you walk in to your local pub on a Saturday night and the guy sitting at the bar beside you is a lutheir who has been making guitars for 20 years.

Patrick made his first guitar at 9 years old.  He runs Blackspot Guitars from his workshop in Bristol, UK, to produce guitars that have the look and quality lost in the mass produced product available today. We had a fascinating conversation about the timber and techniques used to make guitars.

My mandola was made for me by Mike Regan using recycled georgian mahogany. My guitar was made in Canada by Norman using solid Canadian spruce. The quality of materials will determine the quality of the instrument and Patrick shares this passion. He is a very easy guy to talk to. This is important as the musician must be able to communicate with the luthier the type of instrument they want.

Patrick makes both solid and acoustic models. His guitars have received rave reviews from UK magazines. His acoustic models use a variety of timbers including walnut, spruce and cedar. The different combinations produce different tones and timbre, A cedar top for example produces a warm and sweet tone. You can contact Patrick via


We will be very shortly making a decision on who we will employ to install 4 solar panels on our house. The house is on a north south axis with very little roof space facing south. We are therefore going to place 2 panels east, 2 panels west connected to a 300 litre stainless steel dual coil tank (both coils made from stainless steel also)

If we use a recommended manufactured of solar panels and a recommended installer we will be entitled so a grant of 1500 Euros. The solar panels and tank can be purchased for 4,700 Euros approx. The twin solar flex internal preinsulated piping will add another 450 - 600 Euros to this.

Several plumbers who specialise in this area initially quoted 7,000 plus for supply and installation this means they are pocketing 1700 Euros for a days work. We will have to assess the quality of their work and their reputation when making our final decision. 

new contact email address

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My new contact email address is liam at If you have any queries etc you can email me.

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