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SchoolBots Intro Video added to

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I decided to create a schoolbots intro video for Hopefully it will act as a FAQ for many of the people out there wondering what schoolbots is all about.



In order to register your school for this years SchoolBots please use the SchoolBots registration page. The number of schools that can take part is limited to 40. So register early !

Always keep a system rescue cd close by

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My ubuntu laptop wouldn't boot probably this evening as the /etc/mtab was corrupt. On boot up it wouldn't fsck and repair the root file system and ubuntu doesn't allow you to easily enter single user mode prior to mounting disks.

Fortunately I had a 6 month old copy of systemrescuecd in my laptop bag. This allowed me to boot up a miniature linux os from the cd and run fsck on the root file system. Eventhough the /etc/mtab was corrupt /etc/fstab was able to tell me the dev id for /.

It pays to keep one close by as you never know when you will need it.... has now gone live. The website is packed with information about SchoolBots, this includes video tutorials, an online and pdf version of the schoolbots manual, poster, photos from SchoolBots 2008.

We are delighted to announce that Google and Lenovo are sponsors of this competition. Both Google and Lenovo share TI's vision to raise the awareness of ICT in the second level classroom.

SchoolBots is a computer game programming competition aimed at transition year students and above at secondary schools in Ireland. Tipperary Institute are the organisers of this competition. The competition is hosted at Tipperary Institutes campus in Thurles.

Competition Overview

  • Schools should register their interest no later than October 31st 2008. A teacher can email Competition is limited to 40 schools and is on a first come first served basis.
  • The closing date for submission of entries is December 12th 2008.
  • The Prequalifiers will take place on Jan 13th and 14th 2009
  • The top 8 schools from this competition will progress to the National Final on March 12th 2009
  • Individuals who reached the semi-final stage of previous competitions are not eligible to take part in the competition.
  • You can download a copy of the poster and display it in your school

Its official we are heralding in the new era of smart metering and the possibility of saving 500 euros a year on our ESB bill. As reported in the Irish Independent we will be pay less if we use power during off peak hours and more during peak ( 5 p.m. - 7 p.m)

Energy Minister Eamon Ryan announced details of phase 1 of the 1bn euro plan to have all homes smart meter enabled by 2012. Householder may have to pay 100 euros for the smart meter to be installed. 21,000 households will take part in a trial.

Micro generation and the possibility of selling back to the grid was alluded to but no concrete details were provided. Netmetering ie. offsetting over a period of time will need to be in place if this is to be financially attractive to domestic producers. As outlined in a previous article a domestic producer does not produce electricity at a flat line rate. Wind for example can be feast or famine so over time the producer should be allowed to offset their production against their consumption. i.e. net metering,

Smart and Net Metering must allow irish domestic producers to offset their ESB Bills

Our trusty and normally reliable Fuji F40FD hsa been giving us some intermittent trouble the past two weeks. The camera would only display the fuji logo when powered up and refuse to do anything else. Removing the battery and inserting it again some times did the trick to kick start it back into life.

A more permanent solution was required. The camera's behaviour suggested a possible OS/firmware issue. I determined the version of the firmware by pressing in the dsp button and powering the camera on, its version was 1.01. There was 1.10 version available from the fuji website with instructions.

The firmware and the installer app were downloaded to a folder on the pc. The camera photos were backed up onto pc. The camera was then powered off and on again and all fuji sw exited on the pc. The update sw was then executed and the 6MB firmware was copied onto the camera's sd card.

We then disconnected the camera from the pc. Powered it off and powered it back on again while holding the dsp button. Using the ok button on the camera the option to upgrade from 1.01 to 1.10 was selected. This resolved the issue and the camera seems to be back to its old reliable self.


Channel 4 on LIDL Satellite Dish - Needs to be retuned

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It was necessary to retune Channel 4 on my lidl aatellite dish as they have officially launched Channel 4 on FTA. It used to be known as channel 8350 but now it is listed as Channel 4 and has full Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) support.

Select Transponder 10714 and scan for free channels

Transponder Details
10714 Vertical
SR 22000
FEC 5/6

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