Beat the energy crisis Wind Turbines plus storage heating

A neighbour and I were discussing wind turbines the other evening and how selling back to the grid is not really an option until smart and net metering is introduced. An obvious solution to him however would be to divert any excess energy produced by the wind turbines into electrical storage heaters.

This idea has a lot of merit, especially for 6 months of the irish weather, Summer months might be an issue but wind speeds are generally not so high.


  1. Tom Gleeson says:

    Great idea, but not just old fashioned storage heaters, also electrical underfloor heating, under-heating for coldframes and greenhouses. Also, with car manufacturers starting to seriously talk about plug-in rechargeable cars (BMWs Mini is one) having your own source of green-and-cheap (even if not always available) energy becomes very attractive.

  2. Nick Mason says:

    Not only that, but you can also start living “off Grid” cheaply buy building and making your own alternative solar and wind energy supplies. Cheap and effective.

  3. Thankfully the ESB has at last offered a feed in tariff. Sadly, it is only 9c. The Commissioner for Energy Regulation held a consultation process that ended last Friday, but I think we are getting close.
    I personally have a battery system and solar PVs, but it is a waste of power and hardware. We also have an electric car, but matching your wind output to a charger isn’t always easy. The car charger draws about 3kw and ideally should only be used at night on the off-peak rate. If your generator is producing a 1kw surplus and you plug in your car during the day, your car charging will cost you more than it would at night with no wind.
    Heat from an oil fired system costs about 7c per KwHr. Getting 9c from the ESB is an improvement on that, but not anything like the rate availabel in N. Ireland.
    Here’s hoping we will have at least some sort of feed in tariff soon.

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