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SchoolBots competition featured on

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The senior cycle SchoolBots competition was featured on RTE's website in the tecnology news section. This coverage along with several articles that have appeared in several news papers are helping to promote this Google and Lenovo sponsored event. Closing date for entries is Dec 12th 2008. See for more information.

Building Energy Rating Discussions/Repository

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A great source for BER discussions and issues is the BER thread on, the thread is 36 pages long and growing but covers all aspects of the BER.

With reference to the cost of a BER assessment there is some interesting analysis and figure in this thread such as 300 Euros for a standard assessment (Aug 07). Now the SEI are saying (Nov 08) that it will cost 500 Euros.

Irish Auctioneers and BER Referral Fees

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There is an interesting but disturbing conversation taking place on with regards to auctioneers and the practice of recommending BER assessors. Some BER assessors are being approached by auctioneers with a proposal that the auctioneer gets a % referral fee.

Some BER assessors are approaching auctioneers and suggesting that they give the auctioneer 100 Eruos for every referral. The SEI have put out the idea that a BER aseesement costs 500 euros, I have seen lower prices being mentioned on in the past. Some discussions have outlined that a BER asessmenr takes about 3.5 - 4 hours. 500 Euros for 3.5 hrs is good money, if you can get it.

BER Referral Fess

PEAP wi-fi ubuntu 8.10 Intrrepid, a work around

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There is a documented bug with ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid regarding the use of PEAP, which is a encryption protocol for wireless.

The following will allow you to get around the problem

1 - use version 0 of PEAP
2- deactivate and reactivate the wireless subsystems/kernel modules as follows:
modprobe -r  b43 ssb wl
modprobe b43
modprobe ssb

Fix for flash audio not working in ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

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I recently upgraded to ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid), the audio for youtube would no longer work. It was necessary to install the alsa-oss and turn up the oss mixer via volume control
apt-get install alsa-oss

Breakfast Roll Man the Sequel

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David McWilliams has a great article which catches up with the famous irish builder character Breakfast Roll Man. Our hero is in trouble and personal guarantees and the property bubble burst are the problem.
Robert Scoble has an excellent article about Liam Casey "Mr China", he outlines how Liam is redefining the traditional supply chain and offers food for thought on how the design and supply of new tech will change.
It is quiet common for irish homes to have 4 inch holes in each room, these are called air vents and if you live in an exposed area you know all about them as they can be the source of significant heat loss.

I am not advocating their removal but I do think an insert that ensures that air flow passes/trickles through instead of howling through would make a compelling product.

I for one would buy it.

Buying a new house and BER regulations

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There is a very interesting discussion taking place on regarding new houses, HRV installation issues etc. For anyone who is buying a new energy efficient house after Jan 1st 2009, I would recommend you take some time and read this thread.

As the deadline for Dec 12th for submission of SchoolBot Robots gets closer the traffic to from across the country is increasing. Student and teachers are gleaning sample robots, survival tips and programming nuggets from the website. Their quest is to build a robot that will be the best and destroy the rest.

This Google and Lenovo sponsored competition is proving very popular with Transition Year students. 5 schools will attend a SchoolBots Masterclass next Wednesday Nov 12th as part of Science week. This master class will cover topics such as radar targeting and bearing offsets for gun turning calculations. There are only a few places left for schools who want to register for this event.

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