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Irish Recession = Irish pot holes

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The state of irish roads are declining in tandem with the economy. The photo above show the road from Thurles to Limerick which passes very near upperchurch. Asy you can see, there are more pot holes than tar in this stretch.

Enabling the rotating desktop cube in Ubuntu intrepid 8.10

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When I upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 I lost my rotating desktop cube effect.

This effect is managed by Compiz. The problem with compiz is that there are several flavours and versions of it. The native versioron is kde orientated. To install compiz and use the gnome interface etc you should install the following.

$ sudo aptitude install simple-ccsm

Xmas Stocking filler a net book for 187 Euros

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Its small and cheap and if all you want to do is surf the internet and write emails it may be for you. At 187 Euros and 650 grams it costs less than some mobile phones out there.

This netbook is being sold by Maplin and is called the minibook 

Bertie and the boom town rap

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Enough said, listen to the lyrics

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