Irish Recession = Irish pot holes

The state of irish roads are declining in tandem with the economy. The photo above show the road from Thurles to Limerick which passes very near upperchurch. Asy you can see, there are more pot holes than tar in this stretch.


  1. Thanks to this pothole intervention, drivers will think “slow” instead of “road rally” when driving near Upperchurch. This could lead to fewer road deaths, sparking a national campaign for more of the same kind of road surface intervention. Potholes are more effective than ramps, I say.

  2. Killian O'Brien says:

    Bernie .. Hello Bernie ? Nobody home there no ?
    Are you for real ?
    Irish roads are the main cause RTA’s theyre an absolute disgrace and a shameto the country not only do we have to pay tax to drive on them we pay more tax with petrol,VRT etc it doesnt go back into them and the the old men working on the council are not fit for a proper above board to a T finish on them that is needed !
    Get some sense!!

  3. Cait Baxter says:

    Hi doing a porject on road safty. so if anyone has any good info please share. It will be greatly recived,and if anyone has pictures that would be great. thanks!!!

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