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Lisheen mines Wind farm - a feat of engineering

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The SWS constructed wind farm at lisheen mines near templetouhy in co, Tipperary in an impressive feat of engineering. The turbines are expected to come online later in 2009. These Vestats V90 turbines are taller than the spire in O;Connel street in Dublin and are rated at 3 Mega Watts each. There will be 18 in total.

The DIY approach to affordable Log Gasifying Boilers

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There is an interesting discussion on regarding Log Gasifying Boilers. It seems that if you go through all the hassle of buying all the parts direct from the North of Ireland and Poland you can have it delivered for 3,500 euros. You are not entitled to the grant however.

The example quoted is a Atmos DC 25S gasification boiler, 1500l buffer tank, laddomat, thermal
release valve, central heating pump, thermostats, pressure gauge, pump
bypass, associated expansion vessels and fittings delivered for 3,500 Euros.

It is worth pointing out however that there can be significant differences between the expensive and the cheaper alternatives as pointed out further down the thread.

Ir appears to me that this technology may finally be reaching an affordable level.

The evolution in Irish shop windows

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This type of shop front window in Thurles once dominated the Irish town landscape. The majority of them have been replaced by slick marketing stands and posters. The simplicity of it reminds us that shops did exist before the internet and mobile phones. 

Vinyl is an underated and sadly disappearing art-form. My childhood memories are of record stores and beautiful abum covers of artists such as Abba, Neil Young and the Beatles. Thankfully a number of artists still release their new albums in vinyl format.

I recently purchased REM's, Bruce Springteen's and RadioHead's new abums in this beautiful format. U2's new album came through the letter box this morning, actually couldn't fit through the letterbox the postman had to ring the door bell

Vinyl allows the artists to convey a different aspect of the music through the use of a large canvass which is offered by the double gate fold format. The artist can create a whole theme or mood around the album which U2 have done with the internal double gatefold photo of the band in Morocco. The sound is also warmer and also sounds more authentic.

I look forward to listening to this double album this evening and enjoying the luxurious visual and tactile experience.

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