Schools can get insulated for free

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Matthew Collison at fpisolar sent me some interesting info on the Energy Efficiency Scheme 2009 for Schools. 

1)  Scheme covers cavity wall insulation and or attic insulation (in standard pitched roofs....flat roofs / dry lining etc. not covered.) in national schools built before 2006
2)  Scheme covers quilt type insulation in attics (fibre glass or rock wool, blown in products excluded) and EPS bead or similar for cavity wall (foam excluded)
3)  Scheme covers 100% of the cost
4)  School needs to get 3 No. quotations from approved suppliers.  Approved suppliers are the same as those registered for SEI HES Scheme
5)  On completion school needs to hire engineer, architect or suitably qualified person to verify that work has been carried out (€200 provided by dept to fund sign off inspection)
6)  Dept has set out minimum specification to be achieved

See and for more info

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