Google car is updating the tele atlas maps for Ireland

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I was speaking to a TomTom rep this morning at Stakelums summer promotions, our discussion soon came around to the tele-atlas maps for Ireland which in my own opinion is behind Navteq in their coverage.

He pointed out however that the Google car that has been driving around Tipperary these past few weeks is updating the tele-atlas maps. Google maps uses tele-atlas maps.These updates will be available in 6 months time approx. It is interesting to see that TomTom now offer 12 months of free updates, which is more competitive and realistic.

Coming down the line in 2 yrs time is TomTom live which will use a sim card in the TomTom device to receive live updates. This technology will use analysis of the number of sims/phones attached to a mast. If these phones do not seem to be moving from one mast to another along a stretch of roadway then algorithms will be able to estimate locations and severity of delays.

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