Converting DVD VOB files to mpeg using VLC Player

I am working on a DVD project that involves 25 plus DVDs with multiple clips on each DVD featuring interviews with members of Upperchurch GAA club. 

Converting VOB files to work with Adobe Premier Pro CS3 can be straight forward or a nightmare. You can rename the extension to mpg and it may solve the issue. Sometimes however you do need to convert the format.
The latest version of mediaocoder are refusing to do this for me, undoubtly I am making some simple mistakes, but having spent several hours trying to fix it I have given up.
VLCplayer an open source media player has nice simple intuitive save/convert interface which seems to do the job.


  1. Your DVD burner should come with a burner “software like Nero or Roxio Media Creator. In the burning software there is usually an option for a DVD video erstellen.Führen this option and you must be a video editor that allows you to get the clips to add, then burn a DVD with all of them drauf.Sie also have the option of a separate video editor (such as Movie Maker) to connect all the clips in a clip, then burn this clip on one great DVD.

  2. For Converting DVD VOB files to mpeg using VLC Player. How I can use DVD files to convert into Other Formats? What features it will provide for users and What type of Functions it provides.

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