Converting problematic time coded dvds to mpeg using DVDx

As part of the Upperchurch GAA DVD project I have a number of DVDs whose vob time codes are incorrect. These clips might be 30 mins long but are coded with durations of 16 seconds, 24 seconds etc.

This causes issues for Adobe Premier Pro. VLC media player also seems to have issues converting them aswell.
I have discovered a DVDx which is developed by LabDv and hosted on sourceforge as a GPL project, this app addresses the problem. The input and output setting are comprehensive and little touches such as shutdown when complete are useful for nighttime conversion jobs. The ability to set the size of the output files is very useful as Premier Pro can have problems importing and conforming very large files. I tend to use a file size of 600 MB.
You will need to install the latest Divx drivers as well in order to use this app.

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