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Up until now we had to worry about if the TV was 1080p i.e. High Def. Now we have to consider LED tech and if the TV has its own built in web browser or is it just a glorified media client that will only connect to a select few websites. The demand for network over power lines adapters is going to soar we demand jitter free network performance. Companies such as Sony and LG are releasing new products which have this technology. I am waiting for one that will not tie me down to a certain source or streaming media server

Anna Ternheim - I'll follow you tonight

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I was introduced to Anna Terheim's music 5 years ago. Her music is simple but complex in its arrangement. When I hear Lisa Hannigan sing I am reminded of Anna's voice and music. 

I am still waiting for her to play in Ireland !!!

Irish Times newspaper launches a mobile edition

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The irish times news paper have today launched a mobile edition of their online website The website can be accessed on a mobile phone using the address

"In addition to a full breaking news service that is updated daily, the mobile site provides highlights from each day's newspaper. Some of our readers' favourite functions, such as most read stories and weather, are also included."

I have just accessed the mobile version using a Nokia E51 and was impressed with the speed of loading and the simple but intuitive interface. 

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