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5 years ago wireless broadband would have looked like a safe investment. The advent of 3G has meant serious competition with large mobile phone companies. 

Providing wireless broadband to rural areas requires good sites for access points with clear line of sight. 

Companies have came and gone in the last number of years as they did not understand the logistics of providing wireless broadband and underestimated the issues involved in providing access to remote users.

Joseph Little from Joseph Little Architects & Building Life. Consultancy Author of "Breaking the Mould" gave an interesting talk at the Server Project and Conference http://www.servecommunity.ie

Internal wall insulation is tricky and must be done properly

Strip gypsum plaster back and remove plaster, ensure there are no rising damp issue

He recommends External wall insulation as a more preferable solution and raised the point that External wall installers require training and certification while internal insulation wall installer only require a C2 tax clearance certification.

External insulation has the less vapour permeable material on the inside, the building physics reinforces and helps the installation and means that the external solution is less susceptible to problems.

He presented some interesting maps and stats as to when internal and cavity fill insulation should be used, which is dependent on driving rain conditions and location.

He maintains there is a significant lack of guidance to standards and install.

He used WUFI Pro Hygrothermal simulation. It conforms to IS EN 15026 and insulation providers need to refer to this standard and not the Glaser method.

The existing Glaser method isn't suitable for internal insulation under IS EN 13788. We need a move towards WUFI.

I might buy an Iphone so I can install android on it

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Bernie Goldbach reports on the fact that Android is running on the iPhone. This is great news as far as I am concerned and I am awaiting further updates. http://linuxoniphone.blogspot.com/

Indie legends Dinosaur Jr are to play the Blackbox in Galway on May 10th and Vicar street on May 11th. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster. They are being supported by Built to Spill. Really looking forward to this Gig.

Looking forward to seeing Built to Spill play as well. Currently listening to their album There is no enemy

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