Heat your home with irish timber instead of imported oil


With heating oil heading beyond 90 cent a litre. Irish home owners should give serious consideration to heating their homes with solid fuel stoves with back boilers. The fuel can be sourced from Irish timber growers such as ash thinnings and is not subject to the same price fluctuations. The stanley reginald stove pictured above produces 15.8kw maximum boiler output and 4kw maximum output to the room.

In order to utilise boiler stoves effectively home owners should first reduce the heat demand for their home by incorporating insulation, heating controls and if possible address any air leakage issues which can be revealed using a pressure and infra-red assessment of the home. We are in the process of addressing air leakage through the implementation of an air tightness system which should reduce the heat demand by addressing the heat loss issues due to unnecessary air movement in our dormer home.

As the cost of oil increases the payback time for implementing these solutions is rapidly decreasing. There is over 1000 acres in our parish under forestry so switching to solid fuel seems like the right decision for our home. I believe that in the next 5 years many Irish home owners will make the same decision,

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