The new J Mascis guitar – it has arrived and its a squier!

j mascis squier guitar courtesy of Thomann

There are numerous discussions on the internet about the new J Mascis signature squier jazzmaster. The most informed discussions are taking place on offset guitar forum. Some interviews conducted earlier in the year especially  hinted at the squier version which J hopes will encourage people to take up the electric guitar

A squier version of Js fender jazzmaster eould be less than half the price of the signature fender jazzmaster.

As of today have a product entry for a new mascis jazzmaster which will retail at 394 euros. There is no mention if its a squier or not but more than likely it is at that price. There is no image yet.  Thomann have removed the entry for the guitar but have left behind the image

Fender J.Mascis Jazzmaster e-guitar, artist model, basswood body, maple neck, C-shape, rosewood fretboard, 21 jumbo frets, nut width thomann 42,5mm, scale 648mm, 2x jazzmaster single coil pickups, adjusto-matic bridge with vintage style floating tremolo, toggle switch, gold anodized aluminium pickguard, finish vintage white

The original Fender Jazzmaster signature lis quiet different in its looks and probably its quality. The squier is an attractive price point and will suit people on a low budget or those who wish to mod/modify their guitar.

Fender Jazzmaster J Mascis Signature series

The colour scheme for the squier version does distinguish it from the purple fender jazzmaster, Fans would point out that J does not stick to anyone particular jazzmaster colour as the photo below shows, it also gives you an idea why the squier was designed this way.

Photo of J Mascis with a white jazzmaster courtesy of wikiedia/wikimedia


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