LIT Tipperary’s Smart Sustainable Energy students can expect a green and busy year

500 sqm Solar Park

Cloughjordan Eco Village 500 sqm solar array for hot water

As we head back for another academic year in LIT Tipperary/ Tipperary Institute my thoughts are turning to the busy year we have ahead of us. Our Smart Sustainable Energy students in our level 8 and level 7 programmes will have the oppurtunity to experience many aspects of the renewable energy sector in our sustainable orientated campus. These include:

  • Installation of our wood chip heating system for the Thurles campus. Students will have a read only access to the complete system which will be used through out the 4 years of the degree.
  • Field trips with the Smart Green Society to various Renewable sectors/sites
  • Installation of our wind anemometer and Davis Pro weather station. We will use this data in our maths analysis modules to estimate wind speeds and models for wind turbine power estimation. The weather station will also record solar activity and we will use this to estimate solar PV output.
  • Solar PV Trainer, our new solar PV trainer will assist us in exploring how to harness solar energy to generate electricity as well as developing hardware/embedded solutions to integrate with the solar PV kit.
  • Assist in organising Green week, last years green week was a great success and we hope to continue this with a week of talks by people and businesses in the green sector.
  • Green campus initiative, LIT Tipperary is in the process of seeking green campus accreditation. This will require a significant amount of input from both the campus community and management. Members of the smart green society will assist in this process.
  • Explore and learn software development processes and languages that are used in the renewable energy/ green tech sector. The efficient use of green resources requires intelligent software and hardware to harness this resource to good effect from web apps to hardware solutions. Students will explore how software applications and embedded systems can be developed to assist in this area.
  • Monitor and assist in reducing the electrical energy demand of our Thurles and Clonmel campuses. Using real time electrical monitoring equipment we aim to educate the campus community about electrical consumption and reduce it.
  • Monitor and assess data from energy efficient communities so as to assess the performance of various building technologies and renewable heating sources.
So its going to be a busy but enjoyable year. As a campus that practices sustainability as well as teaching/preaching it we believe that our smart sustainable energy students will get experience both the practical and theoretical in this emerging and fast growing sector.

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