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LIT Tipperary Weather Station now on the Internet

Students and staff from the BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management and BSc (Hons) degree in Computing Smart Sustainable Energy pictured at LIT Tipperary’s new weather station on a stormy day on the Thurles campus when winds were gusting at 60 km/h and 4.6 mm of rain fell. Pictured left to right, Elisha McGrane, Kevin O Meara, Matthew Connaughton, Alex Herzog, Zu Mecklenburg, Thomas Murphy, Shaun Russell, Michael Dunne, Fearghal McDonnell, David Connolly, Padraic Grace, Christopher Maguire, Dr Liam Noonan


Rain, hail or shine… can now get the most up-to-date information on weather conditions in Tipperary from the LIT Tipperary webpage:

LIT Tipperary has recently installed a weather station which records all weather data to the Internet. This data is available to all and should prove an invaluable resource for primary and secondary schools as well as amateur meteorologists.

The provision and installation of this service was identified and installed by the staff and students of LIT Tipperary’s honours degrees in Smart Sustainable Energy and Environmental and Natural Resource Management.

“Being able to measure and record weather conditions means that we can use this information to try and utilise less energy in our homes and offices. The graduates from our Smart Energy degree programme will be able to use this information to design products to reduce our energy consumption. Companies in all sectors are actively trying to reduce their energy demand and will require graduates with these skills” stated Dr Liam Noonan, Programme leader for the BSc (Honours) degree in Computing (Smart Sustainable Energy) –

“The production and analysis of data is an important part of environmental management. Students of the honours degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management at LIT Tipperary are keenly aware of this in their examination of a wide range of resources including waste, water, energy, climate and biodiversity. Our students get opportunities to produce and gather their own scientific data during research they undertake as part of the programme” said Elisha McGrane, Programme Leader for the BSc (Honours) degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management –

So for up to the minute information on whether it’s time for the ‘brolly’ or the ‘bbq’, just check out the LIT Tipperary weather station!