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Choosing an android tablet, what to look for

Android tablets are proving to be a very popular Christmas gift, trying to make a choice can be confusing and challenging. The following guidelines may be of help when comparing several tablets of the same size.

The following properties need to be considered.

  • Screen size – 7inch and upwards
  • Processor Speed – minimum should be 1GHZ
  • MB of RAM – (This is not storage but memory which will affect how many apps you can run, 1GB of RAM = 1024 MB). Minimum should be 512 MB
  • GB of Storage space – (8GB and up is a good choice)
  • Battery life – this can be tricky to find it is states in milli amp hours (Mah) look for tablets that are 5000 Mah and above
  • Resolution of screen – 800 x 480 and upwards, 1024 screens are lovely but pricey
  • HDMI port – this allows you to plug the screen in to a TV with a HDMI port
  • Reviews – google the name and model number and add the word review to it, look on youtube also for reviews.