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The connected home is imminent

I have been waiting for a number of years for the connected home to materialise, but no one vendor has yet to offer the holistic solution for the home. Vertical apps like Climote offer a tantalising view of the future, media devices such as the Xbox one and Sony PS4 have the potential but maybe not the interest

Techcruch sums up the state of the current tech and where we are heading

The Battle For The Connected Home Is Heating Up

Pegler I-temp programmable radiator trv controller

We have installed 18 of these devices in our house. They have been running for 22 months on the same set of double AA batteries. Highly recommended with amazing control. Available from Heating controls online


LED light bulb with a BC connector

LED light bulbs offer a low energy approach to lighting your home. A colleague of mine recommend light rabbit who offer bayonet connection light bulbs as well as other connector with 5 year warranties (calendar years not estimated usage years)