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Useful Irish Short Term Forecast page on by Met Eireann

With storm rachel trending on twitter it seemed like half of Ireland was nearly looking forward to a storm. I find the Met Eireann short range forecast page very useful for figuring out what the next 8 hours hold. It has separate pages for Wind, Rainfall, Temperature and Pressure.

ESB to provide fibre broadband with speeds of up to 150Mbps to 500,000 homes

The ESB have plans to deliver Fibre broadband to 500,000 homes. This will help deliver on the strategy of every home having 30Mbps broadband by 2015.

At the moment we have 1 – 2 Mbps so we are looking forward to this development materialising

Upperchurch Brown Bread Bake Off Sat Jan 18th

I think there will be some serious baking and a lot of pride at stake as to whose Mammy makes the best brown bread in Upperchurch.


Nest Thermostat Company sold for 3.2 Billion cash

I was very surprised at the price paid for Nest and eventhough Tony Fadell who designed the IPod is behind Nest it still seems like a hefty price. Google are betting on stealing the march on the “Internet of Things” and beating other companies to a niche but potential huge area which is the connected home.

Nest have ambitions to make the Smart Home/Connected Home a reality and learn through  anonymised  data what we do when we are not online. The GPS function in the Nest Thermostat etc can tell alot.

This must be good news for irish companies such as climote and our undergraduates students studying Smart Energy Systems in LIT.

Nest learning thermostat

I am not surprised to see this technology on the shelves in the US and on the way to Europe but I am impressed by the design and aesthetics of the device. But then I dig a bit a deeper and discover that the founder used to work for Apple and assisted in the design of the IPod and the penny/1 cent drops that what we have here is a “disruptive” (very over used term) technology that users can interact with with out tearing their hair out.

The connected home is imminent

I have been waiting for a number of years for the connected home to materialise, but no one vendor has yet to offer the holistic solution for the home. Vertical apps like Climote offer a tantalising view of the future, media devices such as the Xbox one and Sony PS4 have the potential but maybe not the interest

Techcruch sums up the state of the current tech and where we are heading

The Battle For The Connected Home Is Heating Up

Pegler I-temp programmable radiator trv controller

We have installed 18 of these devices in our house. They have been running for 22 months on the same set of double AA batteries. Highly recommended with amazing control. Available from Heating controls online


LED light bulb with a BC connector

LED light bulbs offer a low energy approach to lighting your home. A colleague of mine recommend light rabbit who offer bayonet connection light bulbs as well as other connector with 5 year warranties (calendar years not estimated usage years)

Science Museum London a great family friendly museum


The science museum in London should be in the top 5 list for any family visiting London. Entry is free and you could spend all day there exploring. I lived the Apollo exhibit as it brought back the wonder of space from my childhood.

Choosing an android tablet, what to look for

Android tablets are proving to be a very popular Christmas gift, trying to make a choice can be confusing and challenging. The following guidelines may be of help when comparing several tablets of the same size.

The following properties need to be considered.

  • Screen size – 7inch and upwards
  • Processor Speed – minimum should be 1GHZ
  • MB of RAM – (This is not storage but memory which will affect how many apps you can run, 1GB of RAM = 1024 MB). Minimum should be 512 MB
  • GB of Storage space – (8GB and up is a good choice)
  • Battery life – this can be tricky to find it is states in milli amp hours (Mah) look for tablets that are 5000 Mah and above
  • Resolution of screen – 800 x 480 and upwards, 1024 screens are lovely but pricey
  • HDMI port – this allows you to plug the screen in to a TV with a HDMI port
  • Reviews – google the name and model number and add the word review to it, look on youtube also for reviews.