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Converting DVD VOB files to mpeg using VLC Player

I am working on a DVD project that involves 25 plus DVDs with multiple clips on each DVD featuring interviews with members of Upperchurch GAA club. 

Converting VOB files to work with Adobe Premier Pro CS3 can be straight forward or a nightmare. You can rename the extension to mpg and it may solve the issue. Sometimes however you do need to convert the format.
The latest version of mediaocoder are refusing to do this for me, undoubtly I am making some simple mistakes, but having spent several hours trying to fix it I have given up.
VLCplayer an open source media player has nice simple intuitive save/convert interface which seems to do the job.

Feeds now fixed

RSS feeds have now been restored and point to feedburner. A big thank you to John for pointing this out to me. has moved to a new server has now moved to a new server. I haved moved the domain to a blacknight server. The export and import went very smoothly. I have some hardcoded image links that need to be checked as well as some javascript and plugins to update.

Customising your blog header – WordPress 2 vs, Movable Type 3.2

I spent a frustrating 3 hours last week trying to figure out how to customise the header of a WordPress 2 blog. Eventually we replaced the kubrickheader.jpg file but we still had a blue backgrounf behind the image. Movable Type 3.2 is far easier to customise as it is closer to HTML in its interface than WordPress 2.
Wordpress really shouldn’t make it so difficult to customise it will alienate the novice user.

Getting ready for the move

I am in the final stages of testing the move of my blog from a TI server to a hosted package with blacknight solutions in Carlow. Hopefully the transition will be smooth, irishsilicon may be unavailable for 36 hrs when I do the transition. The end of feb or the 1st week of march is the most likely date.

Moving all my Movable Type 3.2 feeds to feedburner

I have been trying on and off for the past year to migrate my feeds to feedburner. I finally decided last night to address the issue and now have a working solution for Movable Type 3.2.
1 – Change the index.xml template so it generates a different xml file e.g index-ff.xml
2- Point your feedburner feed to this new file
3 – Create a .htaccess in the same directory as your published feed files e.g. index.xml
4 – Edit .htaccess file and add the following entries e.g
Redirect /index.xml
5 – Delete the exisitng index.xml file
6 – If you have other feed files such as index.rdf you should repeat steps 4 and 5
Feedburner allows me to add links to sites such as Digg as well as the functionality to email the article

Google docs – The reason why microsoft want to buy yahoo

Robert Scoble outline a good reason why microsoft would want to buy Yahoo. He points out that Yahoo ‘s core business is the internet and they have creative and talented engineers/developers that could take Microsoft Cash cow product which is Office to the internet, this would help to stem the migration of businesses to Google docs. Flickr and yahoo mail would also add to Microsofts glacial presence, as long as tools such as flickr are allowed to develop without to much corporate meddling the user community won’t mind who is in control. Look at youtube for example. Robert also points out that the one thing that could sour the integration is the possible HQ battles/turf war between Yahoo and Microsoft. employees.

Web enabling local heritage and archaelogy

6 years ago I was involved in a project to port part of the national sites and monument data set onto a gps enabled pda. The project in many ways was 4 years ahead of its time so we had a very hard time trying to convince local govt agencies how this could boost tourism.
The advent of google maps and the kml file format as well as the availability of local data in ESRI shape file formats meant that we could achieve the same goals but via a critical mass interface i.e google maps.
This meant using new interface and their download esri facility, converting the data to kml. Annotating the resulting kml file to include relevant place names etc.
The final result is a map that displays 130 (approx) entries on an interactive map. A description of each piece of heritage is provided as well as its easting and northing coordinates.
The next phase of the project will be determined by user and local feedback.
Beta Upperchurch Heritage Map

Keyword analysis for

The keyword analysis for reveals that my articles on lidl satellite dish installation has resulted in bringing the largest percentage of visitors. These articles were written in a simple step by step narrative style and included some photos. Often the article that you do not consider to be important becomes important. The popularity of these articles has resulted in the search engine placement of being the first search result for lidl satellite dish.

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Joost now available for download

The guys behind skype have just made Joost available for download.
Be warned, you will need Windows XP to enjoy the experience.