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Managing Movable Type Comment Spam – An Update

Plenty of junk comments but no spam is making it to the main comments. It appears that Jay Allen’s Comment Challenge plugin and a setting of +1 on the threshold level seems to be working.

Fine tuning comment spam filters on movable type 3.2

Having spent the past few days fine tuning comment spam plugins and filters on movable type 3.2 I would recommend that the content manager takes a bit of time to look at the messages that are being treated as junk and how they are scored.
If Comment challenge is employed (see previous entry)
Spam typically comes in with a score of -1 while legitimate comments have a score of +1.2 an above. (The catchpa challenge adds a +2 to the entry if it is typed in correctly).
Movable type allows the content manager to set the feedback threshold level to determine what to do with comments. By setting it to +1 spam for the most part will be junked and legitimate comments will be published.

Comment Challenge Plugin is now using the comment challenge plugin developed by Jay Allen.
The plugin does the two following basic things:
1 Denies (or scores as Junk) spam directly injected into Movable Type’s comment script
2Provides blog owners with the ability to present an accessible (i.e. non-visual, text-based) challenge CAPTCHA to unauthenticated commenters
My authentication requirements were too draconian and did not prompt the user that this was in effect. This new system is easy to follow and once again allows comments with out the spam injection (I hope)

Removing feedburner from Movable type

In order to isolate and debug a problem we were having with a phantom feedburner link it was necessary to remove it completely from this site. Apart from editing the index.html redirects for the xml and rdf files there is one other file that you have to watch out for.
Depending on the feedburner plug in that you use it may be necessary to remove a .htaccess file from the template listing. This file redirects all atom.xml and index.rdf requests to feedburner. Once the file has been removed from the template listing it is also necessary to telnet on to your web site and physically delete the .htacess file Note:. Make sure you are removing the relevant .htaccess file

Navigable blogmaps

TIPPINST – The more observant of you out there may have noticed that you can now now wander around the local blog map using your mouse. The level of detail is pretty spare but interesting. I now know where Curraghduff is. When you are not from an area (i.e. a blow in) it is vital that you get to learn townlands as quickly as possible as people with identical surnames e.g. Ryan are often identified by their nickname or townland.

Numbering subsections in the latex book class

TIPPINST – Sometimes there may be a requirement to have the subsections in a book class document have an associated numbe beside them e.g. There is no need to edit the associated .cls files etc instead the following command allows you to set the depth of your numbering
A depth of 3 includes subsections.
If you require the table of contents to list as far as sections only then use the following:
Both commands should be entered at the top of the document before the section \begin{document}

spell checking latex documents

TIPPINST – One of the down sides of using texmaker is that it does not have integrated spelling. There are a number of latex spell checkers for windows includling aspell etc. Having tried out a few I am sticking with microspell, as well as providing a spelling function it also handles synonyms and definitions. This is a useful feature as the application can check your words against wikipedia etc. The application handles latex,rtf and ascii files as well as various dictionaries. Recommended.

.eu registration rush

TIPPINST – As of 11.00 a.m. CET you can register .eu domain names. The prices really do vary between, 12 and 65 euros per year. seem to be offering the best value.

upgrading to movable type 3.2

TIPPINST – Spam on trackbacks and comments forced me to upgrade to MT 3.2. The people behind mt-blacklist recommended that users remove mt-blacklist and upgrade to MT 3.2. The upgrade process is very manual, some cgi scripts would have made it alot less painful. A script that would do the following would have been useful
1- backup exisiting movable type
2 – transfer mt.cgi and mt-db-pass.cgi to mt-config.cgi
3 – overwrite existing installation
4 – check cgi file permissions.

Windows XP Socket Fix

TIPPINST – I came across this useful app the other day. A problem can sometimes arise with your browser inside Windows XP. The browser will cease to function but ping etc work fine. This is usually due to the Winsock component being corrupted and its associated registry entries.
The software is free and the provisio being given is that if everything else fails to give WinSock XP Fix a try. I had reason to use it lately and the results were a success.
Download Windows XP Socket Fix