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new contact email address

My new contact email address is liam at If you have any queries etc you can email me.

Debugging your IT career – Changing career paths

The IT sector can be seen as a very challenging, enjoyable but demanding career. Sometimes people want to change career paths and consider a career outside IT. If I wasn’t working in IT/academia I would like to work in forestry/renewables.
If however you are not sure what you should be doing then a book by Janice Weinberg Titled Debugging Your Information Technology Career, Elegant Fix Press, 2008 maybe the answer.

Eweek have a good article on this decision making process and some practical career paths.

Ulster Bank increase cheque book prices and reduce number of cheques

Ulster Bank recently increased the cost of their cheque books for personal accounts and reduced the number of cheques in a book by 5. This stealth practice will not resonate favourably with their customers.
The irish banking market has become so competitive that increases like this can often be the incentive for customers to switch banks.

GamesFleadh 08 – Robocode 08 , Schoolbots 08, XNA Challenge Results

I am starting to recover from the very successful event hosted in Tipperary Institute. We had 14 third levels, 10 second level schools taking part in Robocode and SchoolBots respectively. 6 teams took part in XNA. It was nice to meet and chat to Martha who was representing Microsoft at the event and assisting with the judging process.
The results were as follows.
Robocode 08
1st – Griffith College Dublin
2nd – Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
SchoolBots 08
1st – Cashel Community School
2nd – Gort Community School
1st – Finn Krewer – Gort Community School
A big thank you to all our sponsors.
TV3 were there recording the XNA SPACE INVADERS challenge, footage below

Bertie Ahern statements dissected and analysed by Gavin

Gavinsblog does a fantastic job of analysing the statements made by our taoiseach/prime minister and provides 19 examples of contradictions that later emerged as part of the ongoing tribunal investigations. Well worth reading as it succinctly lists the contentious issues.

Mother Nature’s free thermal imaging service

With the frosty mornings you can now assess how good/bad your attic insulation is. Just look at a piece of the roof that is in the shade and determine how icy/frosty it appears. If its devoid of ice, the chances are that you have poor insulation.
You really need to carry out this assessment before the morning air starts to heat up ideally before 8.15 a.m.
I took the oppurtunity to assess the insulation levels for my house thus morning, I have identified one or two problematic spots that need addressing.

Aldi enter the online photo printing business

Aldi have entered the online photo printing business with an agressive pricing structure. They charging 9 cent for a 4″ x 6″ photo plus 1.99 for post and packaging. Canvas prints start at 39.99. I have no idea as to their quality and customer service levels but I intend to find out.
3rd Dec – Update John wonders if used the ALDI printing service. Thanks for the question John, its a reminder for me to post some info about the quality. The photos arrived within 5 working days and were of good quality.
I opted for the digital camera size rather than the traditional 6 x 4. This meant that the photos were 5 x 4. The prints are glossy and printed on decent paper. In comparison to the Kodak printing service that you would find in an Irish town the ALDI paper is thinner.
Personally speaking I would have preferred a matt finish and thicker paper, but I can’t fault the quality of the printing.

Coffee and Cigarettes

A classic clip featuring Tom Waits and Iggy Pop

REM to release a live DVD of their Feb 27th 2005 concert in Dublin

I was lucky to be at the REM concert in the point Depot on Feb 27th 2005. I was so impressed with the gig I wrote a short article about it.
REM liked the gig so much they are using it as their first live DVD release the video footage was filmed by Blue Leach, the DVD goes on release on Oct 16th. REM seem to like Dublin as they have just finished 5 days of live rehearsing in the Olympia in Dublin.

Storage Media Encryption launched by Cisco and RSA

A number of our BSc in IT Support students undertook research projects in the area of storage and encryption. Both these areas are merging in a number of different ways.
At EMC World in Orlando Cisco and RSA launched Storage Media Encryption. It runs on a Cisco Storafe Blade and uses RSA’s Key Manager technology to control access and deployment of encrypted systems.
Storage Media Encryption is being touted as an alternative to appliance-based approaches from Decru, NeoScale, Vormetric and CipherMax.
Initially, Storage Media Encryption will be available only for magnetic tapes. Cisco expects to roll it out by the end of the year. A subsequent release will extend it for use with other storage media.
Cisco will also offer an open API to develop key management.
The RSA Key Manager will ease deployment, management and operation of enterprise wide encryption. It is used to generate, store and broker access to cryptographic keys, and manage their life cycle.
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