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Iain Archer – former Snow patrol band member to play Morrisseys Thurles June 11th

TIPPINST – Iain Archer former member of snow patrol is currently on tour in Ireland.
Bangor man Iain Archer began playing guitar at the age of 13. Two albums – ‘Playing Dead’ (1995) and ‘Crazy Bird’ (1996) – and tours with David Gray and Nils Lofgren followed. After some gigs with Snow Patrol, he joined the band and was later to co-write their breakthrough hit ‘Run’, he then decided to step back out of the band and continue on his own solo career. The Irish tour will be promoting the release of his album “flood the tanks” and the single “Boy Boy Boy”.
Tickets are 12 euro (I think)

Republic of loose to play in Morrisseys Thurles on June 17th

TIPPINST – On Friday June 17th an excellent line up will be appearing at Morrisseys pub Thurles. They include Republic of Loose, The Marshal Stars,Director and The Blizzards admission is only 12 Euro. This is a great chance to see some of the best bands that are currently touring Ireland. Tickets are available from Heart beat City music store in Thurles.

Going back to Vinyl and a warmer sound

TIPPINST – Neil Young has always maintained that something is lost in digital recording studios when compared to the analog process.
“Digital has gotten really good, but it’s never going to be analog,” says Lou Reed. “People who want a vintage sound are going to have a problem.”
Rolling stone magazine carried a story about Quantegy, the last company in the U.S. to manufacture the magnetic tape used for studio analog recording, shut its doors. Artists such as Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch worried about the loss of a “warmer sound”. I would agree with the above sentiments and for my birthday recently Breda bought me a steepletone reproduction 1960’s three speed record player. A few transactions later on E-bay I had my hands on Neil Young’s Harvest, Eric Clapton’s slow hand and a few Beatles albums.
The sound was better than I expected and I also noticed another interesting side effect. With Vinyl it requires a bit of effort to play individual tracks or mix them. In fact it is far more likely to play the full side of the record. Listening to several tracks in the sequence that they were meant to be listened to gave me a total different experience and appreciation for the album. For example Eric Claptons album “Slow hand” and has two different ‘moods’ side 1 starts off with Cocaine, Wonderful tonight. Side two kicks off with The core and ends up with peaches and Deisel.
I was interested to see if my perception of this was unique or a common experience and from speaking to Mike Kiely who teaches the radio and video production subject on our Bsc in multimedia and communications I discovered that I was not alone. Mike pointed out that studies had been carried out in the past where albums were played in the order that they were mean’t to be played and another group would listen to the same album with the tracks mixed. The perception of the album was quiet different.
So these Ipod’s, shuffles etc while nice are maybe not delivering the full experience that the bands wanted you to have.
So its back to vinyl and buying the albums that were recorded and produced to be listened on vinyl not mp3, wav, oggi or whatever other file format that’s out there.

Blas 2005 Irish Music School

TIPPINST – Blas 2005 will take place this year from June 20th to July 1st at the University of Limerick. The following classes will be taught: Tin Whistle, Flue, Fiddle, Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Song and Dance. The price is 400 euro approx and includes an excursion, a night out and various sessions. For more details have a look at their website

Its a beautiful day finally got U2 tickets

TIPPINST – I discovered this morning the benefits of teaching a CCNA Sat morning lab, on the way to work I heard the announcement that U2 tickets for Croke park in Dublin were on sale, normally I would never be listening to the radio at 9.00 a.m. So I called in to our local music store hearbeat city in Thurles and picked up two tickets for the Monday Gig. There were no queues just an empty store, very different to the last time when I tried to buy tickets after queueing for a number of hours we had just made it to the inside of the store and they sold out.
I think U2 management and ticketmaster got it right this time by only allowing 2 tickets per customer and giving each store a set allocation.

Han’s Irish Bouzouki

TIPPINST – If you have an interest in the Bouzouki or one of its close relatives such as the mandola or cittern, then you probably are aware of the lack of information about playing the instruments, or buying them.
Han Speek realised this several years ago and decided to remedy the situation by creating his own webpage. To quote Han himself
“I have chosen to dedicate a page to the Irish bouzouki because there seems to be very little information available, even though most people recognize the fact that the instrument has earned it’s place in the tradition”
The site also has a list of bouzouki makers broken down by country, Mike Regan from Castlebridge in Wexford is missing from the Irish luthiers but apart from that its pretty comprehensive.
Han’s Irish Bouzouki Homepage

mycokemusic offers serious value for money

I have managed to keep some of the ring pull tabs and try out the mycokemusic web site. To date I have earned 48 euro approx. The range of music is not extensive but there are some hidden gems that offer value.
What is annoying however is that not all albums can be purchased, this forces you to buy tracks individually.
The best buy however was the Nirvana box set of 61 tracks “With the lights out” this was priced at 11.99 !
You really have to wade through the site however to find what you are looking for If you are a fan of Queen they have all their albums up for purchase.
The offer expires on May 7th 2005.

Launchcast – the hidden benefits of Instant Messenger

My colleague Bernie Goldbach introduced me to launchast a few months ago, I even created my own station lnoonan_blog .
Because I am using the free version however I am subjected to fair bit of adverstising when I use the browser version of lauchcast. Imagine my joy when I accidently discovered that when I listen to my station using Instant Messenger that there are no Ads !!!

CDWoW now accepting Laser Cards

CDWoW is the first online store, that I have come across that accept Laser cards . Laser cards are a form of debit card that are used in Ireland. They are widely accepted in all stores and petrol stations across the country.
Accepting Laser cards for payment of online transactions is another step down the road painless online commerce

music and geeks are inseparable

Michelle Delio of Wired reveals the secrets of Sun Studio’s signature sounds as well as the link between music and geeks.
We have our own recording studio at Tipperary Institute and the digital mixing desk that we use can trace its ancestry back to those early days of recording. The technology we use is just the latest generation/evolution of recording music. The same way the IPOD is the latest way of listening to and storing music.
Sun Shines Light on Music History