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New sign for TI

New signage for TI

New signage for TI,
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At Tipperary Institute in Thurles we have taken aesthetic measures to ensure that the passer by is left in no doubt as to the purpose of the white building beside the roundabout.

The end result of this aesthetic makeover is the addition of impressive sign and logo to the building as bearla agus as gaeilge.

Converting from Irish Grid (WGS84) to Lat Long

Over the years I have faced the dilemma of converting from Irish Grid to Lat Long. Google and Yahoo maps for example insist that you use Lat Long. You can download a free app called Grid Inquest that will allow you do carry out this tricky task

Science Week Ireland – Students learn how to build computer games

TI have just finished hosting a successful 3 days of seminars which had 2nd level students designing their own console game for the PC and the Xbox 360. As part of science week lectures TI opened their doors to 510 students from 2nd level schools. The response and enthusiasm was over whelming,
Students worked in one of 3 groups to create their own game. The creation of a video game traditionally involved three disciplines: Audio, Graphics and Programming. The students designed their own graphics, recorded their own audio and decided how the characters and game would behave using programming skills.
The results were 5 different version of the classic game Space Invaders (Copyright Taito Corporation) using the Microsoft XNA developer framework.
A science week quiz was also held and hosted by the multi-talented Bernie Goldbach. I will be using feedback from both the quiz and the game design event to assist me in designing the Internet Technologies modules for semester 1 and 2 of our new Bsc Hons in Creative Multimedia

3 Skype phone will be the next gadget that I buy

As part of my job I analyse and use several gadgets on a daily basis. Science Week Ireland as promoted by Damien Mulley are wondering what gadget I would buy next. This is a tough question as I seldom buy them personally, I am usually more interested in examining them and discussing with my students how these gadgets work, the protocols they use and the platforms that they are built on.
The one gadget that I would consider buying is the 3 Skype Phone as I consider it to be disruptive and a natural progression in communication. The ability to make free calls to other Skype users (There’s about 240 million of them) is very attractive. If you have relatives in Europe or Australia on Skype you can ring them for free. From a technical point of view I am hearing conflicting reports on whether it will work over a GSM signal. I hope that it will as it may force me to reconsider my decision.
Initially the Skype service is being launched on prepay phones. I will wait however for the service to become available on pre pay services such as Talktime 100.

Science Week – DNA analyser/fixer is the invention I want to see most in the future

Science week takes place this week. Damien Mulley alerted me to the fact that they are running a competition each day.
Todays competition focuses on what invention you would want to see most in the future. Having grown up reading Michael Crichton and William Gibson I would love see a device that would analyse your DNA, detect illnesses and cure them. This would take place in the space of 1 hour and would be creative commons/ open patent so that it would be made freely available to all people and nations.
This may in the long run cause problems with longer life etc but it would help to cure horrific diseases like bowel cancer.

ENASE 2008 Call for Papers

3rd International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
Funchal, Madeira, 4 – 7 May, 2008
organized by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC)
Full Paper Submission: November 9, 2007
Authors Notification: January 4, 2008
Final Paper Submission and Registration: January 25, 2008
ENASE 2008 will be held in conjunction with WEBIST 2008

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Publish or Peril – A citation app that interacts with Google Scholar

Dr Ann-Wil Harzing of the University of Melbourne has created an application that is free for personal non-profit use, and can be installed from the link below
Reading her website has given me some ideas as to how one could provide useful information to the research community.
The app is very small and returns the results promptly.