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Intel Webcast today – Designing Security Solutions for Scaleability Using Network Processors and Open Modular Systems

My colleague Istvan Matyasovszki in UL sent me this info.
Intel are conducting a web cast today titled
“Designing Security Solutions for Scaleability Using Network Processors and Open Modular Systems”
Security services are deployed from hosted managed services at the edge all the way down to Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). Traditionally, these solutions are implemented using disparate platforms and system architectures, increasing the challenge of new and sustaining development across multiple platforms. This presentation will highlight how network processors and open modular systems enable convergence of multiple market-specific platforms into a single common platform that allows re-use and transparent scaleability from the low-end to the high-end.
Greenwich Mean Time Wed, Nov 17, 2004 19:00
Eastern Standard Time Wed, Nov 17, 2004 02:00 PM
Pacific Standard Time Wed, Nov 17, 2004 11:00 AM

XP SP2 a pandoras box ?

According to a survey conducted by independent research firm InsightExpress for IT support firm SupportSoft, a third of IT managers have admitted that they have “no idea what to expect” when deploying Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2 the remainder expect that the SP2 upgrade will dramatically increase the number of end-user support calls they have to deal with.
I think manufacturers of pain killer products will see a spike in their sales….. – One third of IT managers struggling with XP SP2

Switches are assuming the role of network medics

As part of the CCNA course that we deliver at Tipperary Institute, we cover switches. Mainly we focus on VLAN creation, membership and intervlan routing. It seems that in the future we will also have to consider virus control.
Security innovations being built into switches are attracting attention from buyers who not long ago focused primarily on feeds and speeds.
Network executives say they need all the help they can get to cope with today’s threats. They are eager to use new switch-based security schemes – such as the ability to quarantine viruses and enforce policies – being touted by Alcatel, Cisco and Enterasys Networks, among others.
Switches taking on new security roles

80% of WiFi networks are insecure

After completing the Cisco Wireless Fundamental Instructor course earlier in May 04, we were made very aware how insecure a WiFi network is.
For simplicity reasons the access points by default are very open, and few installers bother to change this.
According to a report from global wireless security company Red-M, most global businesses are at risk because they have not secured their wireless infrastructures.
The six-month study of 100 companies across the globe, including large multinational corporations covering a range of industry sectors, found that 80 per cent of corporate networks are accessible from outside their buildings.
Two thirds of banks, 60 per cent of financial services institutions and all education institutions leaked data, the study claimed. Four-fifths of networks bleeding Wi-Fi data

Theft of Cisco IOS source code

At our cisco wireless course today, the topic of discussion was the possible theft of the source code to their router operating system IOS.
The register reports that according to Russian security portal SecurityLab, a hacker boasting he broke into Cisco’s internal network and nicked source code for some versions of Cisco’s IOS has posted a 2.5MB snippet onto an IRC channel as proof. Around 800MB of code relating to Cisco IOS 12.3 and 12.3t has reportedly been nicked. IOS 12.3 is the latest version of Cisco’s software, widely used home office, branch office and enterprise routers. IOS 12.3t is an earlier test version. Access to Cisco’s source code might make it easier for hackers to develop exploits.
If this is true I can see some troubling times ahead

RFID – Privacy concerns

Wal-Mart attracts further RFID flak | The Register
“Grass-roots consumer group Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN), which is fighting retail surveillance schemes, says that Wal-Mart’s decision to tag individual items on its store floor using radio frequency identification or RFID violates a call for a moratorium issued last November by 40 privacy and civil liberties organisations.”

For Those Scared of Offering Security

For Those Scared of Offering Security One company says that their integrated desktop security product eliminates all the headaches caused by off-the-shelf software products such as firewalls and anti-virus, leaving only peace of mind, increased revenuesand security.

DoD issues security guidelines for Wireless

DoD issues wireless defense orders
After two years of internal policy debate, the U.S. Department of Defense last week issued rules that all branches of the military – as well as contractors and visitors – must follow to secure commercial wireless equipment and services.

Getting your budget priorities wrong Printer budgets outweigh network security

Hack Your Way to Hollywood

Hack Your Way to Hollywood Heather Robinson, 25, sure has moxie. She turned her youthful indiscretions with a stolen credit card into a movie deal. Now she’s trying to land another, this one based on her electronic snooping through AOL’s customer database. Xeni Jardin reports from Los Angeles.

Sounds like a movie script, but apparently its true !