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New WISP enters the Irish Market

I have just lifted my head from my phd thesis to notice that Fran Rooney is behind the new Wireless ISP (WISP) called ICE Broadband. At the moment they are covering North Dublin and Parts of Kildare. This will be an easy start for them as they won’t have to many hills / mountains to deal with. Their home package is 2mb down and 256 Kbps up uncapped for 37.99 a month.

Comag service centre in Ireland

TIPPINST – My lidl satellite receiver a comag sl 55 is giving me some problems. I rang Comag in germany and they informed me that they have a service centre in Ireland. They are Zintek systems who are located in Dublin. They can be contacted at 01 4008353.
If you send them the comag unit they will repair it but you must pay for all postage/courier costs.

VOIP implementation problems for Wi-Fi

TIPPINST – Having attended the one day National Communications Network Research Centre (NCNRC) wireless workshop at UL yesterday I am now viewing Wi-Fi in a different light. The workshop reviewed the ongoing work of the Intel directed NCNRC project, in particular on Quality of Service control for 802.11 based networks, VOIP and Video, and introduced the range of test beds developed.
What was immediately evident is that the current implementation of 802.11 i.e b/g is not capable of supporting VOIP and in the future Video stream such as HDTV. I will now have to keep an eye out for 802.11e compliant devices that support QoS. The current implementations have no notion of prioritised or delay sensitive traffic. At the moment if you want an 802.11e access point you may want to consider the cisco 1200 AP and IOS 12.3(7)JA2 ) on Channel 6 which is capable of 802.11e EDCA operation
Mark Davis and his team in DIT are doing some interesting work to address this issue. As he stated in his presentation “If you can’t measure it you can’t control it” its this lack of measurement that really surprised me and I was to learn that it a common problem with Wi-Fi. There is requirement for funcionality to allow the codecs for VOIP to have a detailed picture of the current network so as they can be fine tuned. This would allow:
– Proper tuning of the playout buffer settings to compensate for jitte iin wireless networks
– Proper tuning of various MAC layer parameters (CWmin, CWmax, AIFS) to maximize capacity of the WLAN in terms of number of VoIP calls that can be supported
To this end DIT have been investigating the problems associated with how to figure out what bandwidth is available. Most laptops etc will tell you about the signal strength but have no way of indicating the available bandwidth. This is because:
– Bandwidth is shared rather than reserved
– Users must compete for bandwidth
– Network capacity is not fixed
– Users perceive different capacities
What they have produced is a Unified and tractable framework for characterising bandwidth usage on IEEE 802.11 WLANs.
Their radio resource monitor Non-intrusively measures bandwidth availability and utilisation, Operates in real-time and on a per-station basis in a variety of modes that includes 802.11b/g/a and e modes.
If you want to see the bw monitor in action you can visit
Visit for more details
To summarise if you are considering a multimedia box to sit under the TV that will connect to the Internet and download programmes etc as well as VOIP you better ensure that you have structured cabling in place. Othewise you will have to wait for 802.11e compliant kit to come out on the market place.

Wimax reference design demo’d at Wimax World Europe

TIPPINST – The Wimax standard is being heralded as the saviour of wireless broadband in rural areas due to its bandwidth and its ability to deal with some line of sight issues. At the Wimax World Europe Conference picoChip have been demonstrating its reference design for mobile WiMAX (IEEE802.16e-2005). picoChip are parterning with Wintegra on a complete reference design that will include its multicore DSP chip.


Bluetooth SIG to host an Open House in Dublin May 11th

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is coming to Dublin on 11 May 2006 to host an Open House that is open to all Bluetooth SIG members, colleagues, associates, customers, media, and anyone else interested in learning more about Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth SIG.
The Bluetooth SIG hosts Open Houses open to all members of the Bluetooth SIG and potential members throughout the world. As a member based organization, the Bluetooth SIG is responsible for keeping their members educated and involved with Bluetooth wireless technology development as well as recruiting new qualified members.
These receptions will serve as a way to educate members on Bluetooth technology, introduce the Bluetooth SIG staff and introduce non-members to opportunities available to Bluetooth SIG members. Open house receptions will also bring member and non-member companies together for networking and an open dialogue of Bluetooth technology and wireless opportunities. For general information about Bluetooth SIG Open Houses, please contact Member Relations. Please see below for the dates and locations for the 2006 Open Houses:
Open House Details

satellite broadband provider goes into liquidation

According to the Sunday Tribune ( (16/04/06) Ildana will be holding a creditors meeting on the 24 April as they have gone into liquidation. Ildana were in talks to be accquired by pure telecom back in the early part of 2006. 200 customers across the country are now being left in limbo for the time being.
Details of the legal notice can be found here

802.11 calculator

TIPPINST – If you ever had to calculate antenae gain or power settings for your wireless equipment you can appreciate the maths involved. Radio labs have simplified this process with a calculator page. It also includes a fresnel calculator for placement of equipment

Wireless Supplies

TIPPINST – If you are in the business of building your own access points or acquiring components for repeaters, poe units etc. I can recommend They are a greek company that offer a very fast shipment service and stock a large inventory.

For antennas Stella Doradus who are an Irish company located in Portlaw in Waterford are well worth considering.

Must have item – rj45 crossover connector

TIPPINST – If you ever have to configure wireless access points, the chances are is that they require a crossover cable so that you can plug your laptop directly into the unit. This little device saves you the pain of trying to examine pinouts of the 23 cables in your bag. Just plug this straight into a standard patch lead and you have a cross over cable. They are available from a variety of suppliers.

Improving your RTE reception with an lp-7 aerial

TIPPINST – Having grown tired of air traffic control chatter being heard on our RTE channels when our sons baby monitor is switched on. (We live on the flight path for Shannon airport). I decided to change our VHF box aerial to an lp-7 vhf aerial. I would recommend it if you are having difficulty getting tele text or receiving RTE 2. They cost about 54 euro approx.