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Aldi enter the online photo printing business

Aldi have entered the online photo printing business with an agressive pricing structure. They charging 9 cent for a 4″ x 6″ photo plus 1.99 for post and packaging. Canvas prints start at 39.99. I have no idea as to their quality and customer service levels but I intend to find out.
3rd Dec – Update John wonders if used the ALDI printing service. Thanks for the question John, its a reminder for me to post some info about the quality. The photos arrived within 5 working days and were of good quality.
I opted for the digital camera size rather than the traditional 6 x 4. This meant that the photos were 5 x 4. The prints are glossy and printed on decent paper. In comparison to the Kodak printing service that you would find in an Irish town the ALDI paper is thinner.
Personally speaking I would have preferred a matt finish and thicker paper, but I can’t fault the quality of the printing.