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ARM Book – ARM System-on-Chip Architecture


This text book has joined my research book shelf after being recommended by several lecturers. The book is written by Steve Furber and is highly recommended by Amazon readers
The book covers:
-presents and discusses the major issues of system-on-chip design, including memory hierarchy, caches, memory management, on-chip buses, on-chip debug and production test
– provides an overview of the ARM processor family, enabling the reader to decide which ARM is best for the job in hand
– describes the ARM and Thumb programming models, enabling the designer to begin to develop applications
– covers all the latest ARM products and developments, including StrongARM, the ARM9 and ARM10 series of cores, and the ARM-based SoC components at the heart of Ericsson’s Bluetooth technology, the Psion Series 5 PDA and Samsung’s SGH2400 GSM handset
– includes details on the AMULET asynchronous ARM cores and the AMULET3H asynchronous SoC subsystem
ARM System-on-chip Architecture