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Wind Turbine standards courtesy of the British Wind Energy Association

A renewable energy colleague of mine in Tipperary Institute pointed me towards this excellent document created by the British Wind Energy Association. The standard recommends measuring at 11 m/s, I would prefer to measure at 10 but I cannot argue with the rest of the excellent research.

This standard was created by the small wind turbine industry, scientists, state officials, and consumers to provide consumers with realistic and comparable performance ratings and an assurance the small wind turbine products certified to this standard have been engineered to meet carefully considered standards for safety and operation.

The goal of the standard is to provide consumers with a measure of confidence in the quality of small wind turbine products meeting this standard and an improved basis for comparing the performance of competing products

This performance and safety standard provides a method for evaluation of wind turbine systems in terms of safety, reliability, power performance, and acoustic characteristics.


This standard for small wind turbines is derived largely from existing international wind turbine standards developed under the auspices of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Specific departures from the IEC standards are provided to account for technical differences between large and small wind turbines, to streamline their use, and to present their results in a more consumer-friendly manner.

The equivalent BS (British Standard) are quoted for ease of use.