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ISPs invited to participate in schools’ broadband pilot

Ireland – Dublin – Minister for Communications Dermot Ahern and Minister for Education and Science Noel Dempsey this week invited Internet service providers to participate in an advance deployment of broadband services in up to 100 schools.
The call for proposals follows a Government decision to provide broadband connectivity to all schools in Ireland over the next year, and is distinct from the public tendering process which is currently being prepared by both Departments.
Providers are invited to submit a proposal to showcase their broadband technologies in 10 schools of their choice, with the aim of identifying practical issues arising from the deployment. The deadline for receipt of proposals is July 30, 2004.
Hopefull the providers will choose to demonstrate broadband across a diverse range of geographical locations as remote rural schools face a number of issues when compared to schools located in urban areas. i.e. distances from broadband exchanges etc.