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Update on the Upperchurch Drombane Community Broadband Scheme

TIPPINST- We are pleased to announce that we have identified a broadband provider who will be in a position to bring broadband to the Upperchurch-Drombane area. We received a strong level of interest from people who were interested in broadband. The North Tipperary Broadband Coordinator provided us with a list of potential broadband companies and we evaluated these company’s broadband products so as to identify a broadband service that would be suitable for the locality.
The criteria used for evaluating these broadband services included amongst others, cost, speed, technology, customer support and expertise. The broadband provider chosen is a local Tipperary company called Premier broadband (www.premierbroadband.net). The details of their service is as follows:
Cost domestic €29.99 per month (includes VAT), installation €200 (includes VAT)
Connection Speed 512K up, 512 down
Technology Wi-fi (Wireless)
Term of contract 3 month contract for domestic users

Customer Support
Telephone support 24/7
We will now be submitting the list of interested people to the North Tipp broadband Coordinator (Anthony O’Reilly) this Friday (15th of April 05). Premier broadband will be carrying out a survey of the area shortly to identify the equipment required to bring broadband to the interested people. It is envisaged that broadband will roll out over the summer months.
We would like to thank all people who expressed an interest in acquiring broadband, with out your interest this would not have been possible.