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Building an Eco Home – Read the Whole House Book

If you are considering building an energy efficient house, I would recommend that you read the whole house book. This book originally published in 1998 but updated in 2008. It covers all aspects of a sustainable building project. With numerous case studies which highlight the improvements that can be made to a structure it shows the reader how small changes can generate big results.
The CAT centre in Wales publish this book, this centre has been implemented “green technologies” since the 1970s, some of which are only becoming mainstream now.
My colleague Bernie Goldbach wrote an article in April in relation to the greener homes supplement in the Sunday Times. This supplement appeared again this weekend (21st June 2009) the articles prompted me to mention this book. There is a renewed interest in sustainable design, this is something we teach and specialise in Tipperary Institute. We use this book as the student text book for our Advanced Certificate in Domestic Sustainable Energy