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CarPhone WareHouse Christmas Gift Trade in Voucher Fiasco

If you received a mobile phone as a christmas gift and it was bought in the carphone warehouse, you have until Jan 31st 2008 to claim up to 20 euros of a trade in voucher.
You will need to bring the receipt the old phone, its charger and its manual. We attempted to do this yesterday and it took over 1 hour for carphone warehouse to carry out this process. The first 55 minutes was spent trying to convince the staff in the Thurles branch and head office that this offer existed.
We knew that we saw the offer in one of their supplements before christmas but the staff in both Thurles and head office knew nothing about it. We eventually tracked down the offer which is on page 13 of the christmas supplement guide. Head office refused to believe the Thurles office as head office did not have this supplement. The Thurles office had to fax the page to head office before head office would issue my wife the 20 euro trade in voucher.
We received no apology.
So please request your trade in voucher as it may remind the carphone warehouse that the customer comes first. You have until Jan 31st 2008.