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Cisco accquires a fledgling NP firm

Cisco have announced that they plan to purchase Spanslogic, a 14 person NP firm that was founded in 2004.
According to the Spanslogic website – “We are developing a line of products that challenge long-held assumptions about a fundamental function in computing. Our technology derives from an elegant reformulation of the problem, an insight that allows us to overcome serious bottlenecks related to power consumption, speed, and cost of key applications”
This statement sounds like my Phd abstract, vague but promising. The fact that Cisco use NP technology can come as a surprise to some people. Cisco have been incorporating NP tech into their high end switches for the past few years.
I spoke to a Cisco employee at ANCS 07 conference in San Jose in Dec 07 and he was interested in how my research addresses some of the bottleneck and cost of design issues that face all designers. Cisco may not advertise or market their NP ability, but they have been quietly been designing and using the technology, this in my view speaks volumes.
Cisco Press Room – Cisco Announces Agreement to Acquire SpansLogic