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Cisco IOS changing to Real time platform

The CCNA night course we run at Tipperary Institute is very popular and will soon be starting again in September.
It is with interest that I read that the IOS which is the OS for the cisco routers will be changing in the future.
IOS currently works as a single piece of executable code on a router; features and functions are added into unique software builds, based on customer needs. The new architecture more resembles a PC or server, with an underlying operating system that runs IP services as separate processes – similar to Microsoft Word running on a Windows PC. Observers say this technique can make routers more resilient and faster.
IOS-XR is Cisco’s next-generation operating system for its new flagship CRS-1 router, which scales to 96T bits of bandwidth with support for multiple OC-768 (40G bit/sec) SONET interfaces. IOS-XR is based on a microkernel from QNX Software Systems, which makes real-time operating system software.
IOS changes could alter face of Cisco routers