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Cisco to accquire P-Cube

Controlling Network Traffic and providing a Quality Of Service to end users is an important aspect of network Management. Cisco recoginises this fact and has agreed to buy software developer P-Cube in a cash-and-options deal Cisco valued at $200m (£110m).
P-Cube makes software to help service providers analyse and control network traffic.
Cisco plans to continue selling P-Cube’s software as stand-alone products for the foreseeable future. It will also work on incorporating the technology into its hardware and software, said Pankaj Patel, general manager of Cisco’s broadband edge and mid-range routing business unit.
Patel estimates it will be at least nine months before Cisco completes its software integration, and a year before its hardware is integrated with P-Cube’s technology.
Cisco to acquire P-Cube for $200m