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Communities are doing it for themselves

TIPPINST -The 2nd phase of the community broadband scheme is coming to a close and from talking to various people at public meetings it seems that there is a very strong interest in Tipperary. Neighbouring communities such as Holycross, Kilcommon, Doon, Borrisoleigh are all in the process of finalising applications. County wide I would estimate that there are 15 – 20 community groups that are interested.
When you compare this to phase 1 which had 33 groups across the whole country it really highlights the strong interest in broadband. Interest in Upperchurch is quiet high when compared to some other communities, I think this is in part to the IT centre in the local school which has been providing email, ECDL, internet training for the past 4 years as of last year over 300 people had passed through their doors. Pretty impressive for a rural hinterland community.
These community schemes I think are a good inniative as its puts the onus on the shoulders of the community to do something about it. Having a broadband coordinator for the area is also an immense help as they can assist and drive the scheme.
It look like by September we will have 512K up and down using Wi-fi, roll on the summer !