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Selected Papers from the European Wireless 2004 Conference

TIPPINST – the current issue of Computer Networks Volume 49, Issue 3, Pages 295-464 (19 October 2005)is dedicated to Selected Papers from the European Wireless 2004 Conference
24-27 February 2004
Edited by Bernhard Walke, Luciano Lenzini, Bijan Jabbari
Its well worth a read.
Table of contents
1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
2. Guest editorial
Pages 295-298
Bernhard Walke, Luciano Lenzini and Bijan Jabbari
3. Cooperative multi-hop transmission in wireless networks
Pages 299-324
Patrick Herhold, Ernesto Zimmermann and Gerhard Fettweis
4. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)—Enhanced Data Rates for UMTS Evolution
Pages 325-340
Ingo Forkel, Hartmut Klenner and Andreas Kemper
5. Analysis and performance evaluation of the OFDM-based metropolitan area network IEEE 802.16
Pages 341-363
Christian Hoymann
6. Provisioning and performance of mobility-aware personalized push services in wireless broadband hotspots
Pages 364-384
Ian Herwono, Joachim Sachs and Ralf Keller
7. Performance evaluation of SIP-based multimedia services in UMTS
Pages 385-403
Dirk Pesch, Maria Isabel Pous and Gerry Foster
8. System performance and adaptive configuration of link adaptation techniques in packet-switched cellular radio networks
Pages 404-426
Javier Gozalvez and John Dunlop
9. A generic IP paging architecture and protocol
Pages 427-448
Marco Liebsch and Bernd Lamparter
10.Performance analysis of a Denial of Service protection scheme for optimized and QoS-aware handover
Pages 449-464
Tianwei Chen, Michel Sortais, Günter Schäfer, Stefan Adams, Changpeng Fan and Adam Wolisz