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Computer Networks Magasine special issue Web Traffic

TIPPINST – Elsevier’s magasine Computer Networks has a special issue on web traffic which may be of interest to the community.
Computer Networks Volume 48 issue 5 (5th Aug 2005)
Articles include
Web security
Pages 697-699
P. McDaniel and Aviel D. Rubin
Remote timing attacks are practical
Pages 701-716
David Brumley and Dan Boneh
A multi-model approach to the detection of web-based attacks
Pages 717-738
Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna and William Robertson
A testing framework for Web application security assessment
Pages 739-761
Yao-Wen Huang, Chung-Hung Tsai, Tsung-Po Lin, Shih-Kun Huang, D.T. Lee and Sy-Yen Kuo
SSL splitting: Securely serving data from untrusted caches
Pages 763-779
Chris Lesniewski-Laas and M. Frans Kaashoek
WebSOS: an overlay-based system for protecting web servers from denial of service attacks
Pages 781-807
Angelos Stavrou, Debra L. Cook, William G. Morein, Angelos D. Keromytis, Vishal Misra and Dan Rubenstein
XPref: a preference language for P3P
Pages 809-827
Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan, Ramakrishnan Srikant and Yirong Xu