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DASIP 2007 Workshop on Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing

The DASIP Workshop will give the opportunity for researchers to exchange the ideas and to build the collaboration on emerging topics and technologies. It also aims to strength the links between the European Information Society Technologies (IST) priorities and the researchers in the domain of design and architecture for signal and image processing.
The DASIP workshop results from the success for more than ten years of the French workshop on Algorithm-Architecture-Matching. The first edition called “Workshop on Algorithm Architecture Adequation” was held in Lannion in 1992 (AAA 1992). During eight years a two-year event was organized, AAA 1994 in Grenoble, AAA 1996 in Toulouse, AAA 1998 in Saclay and AAA 2000 in Rocquencourt. In 2002 thanks to its widespread success the workshop was extended to all francophone countries, JFAAA 2002 was held in Monastir and JFAAA 2005 in Dijon. Each edition was a great success gathering more than one hundred of researchers from industry, academia and government organizations. For the 2007 edition the workshop is extended to the Europe in order to gather our community. We believe that DASIP 2007 will promote and strengthen the links between European researchers and will become an important event.

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