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Aligning your Sat Dish for Free to Air Channels

I spent the weekend installing my lidl free to air satellite system that I bought in December. I blame the weather, my 18 month old son and golf as the reasons for why I didn’t do it sooner.
Wiring and mounting the dish was straight forward enough, the fun really began when I tried to align it to the Astra 2d satellite. 2 days later my neighbours were beginnning to wonder would I ever get it to work.
What I learned from the experience is the following.
1 – The arm holdinf the lnb must be horizontal !
2 – Face the dish due south
3 – Do not use the antenna settings when trying to align the dish, this was my downfall as I was being technically obsessed with trying to find a certain transponder rather than findinf channels. Instead select a channel from the preset list such as BBC 1 which operates on astra 2d.
4 – Move the dish left until signal to weak message appears (it appears in a red box, this can be spotted from a distance i.e. outside looking in through the window). When I say left I mean it from the perspective of standing with your back to the dish and facing the lnb.
5 – Carefully continue to move the dish left, remember it takes a few seconds for the reciever to pick up on the new dish alignment. When the BBC channel appears tighten bolts etc. and seal connection to lnb.
If you want CNN,MTV central, Euronews and Euro sport you will need to point the dish at astra 2A. This sat is to the right of astra 2d. Again same procedure select the channel Eurosport from your preloaded list and move the dish.

Dish Alignment Photos and more info

Hope this helps.