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Fuji F700 Digital Camera

I recently purchased a fuji f700 camera, I found the website www.dcresource.com to be an excellent impartial source for digital camera reviews. Essentially we wanted a compact camera that took good portrait photos. I have the camera about a week now and the images seem to of good quality, the 512 MB XD card means I can store about 320 6 Mega Pixel images. I will set up a flickr account in the near future and upload some images
The Spec of the camera are as follows (taken from amazon.co.uk)
3.1 million S-Pixels and 3.1 million R-Pixels
6.2 million photodiodes, delivering 6.03 million recorded pixels
In accordance with CIPA regulations on pixel count
Newly-designed, ultra-sharp Super EBC Fujinon 3X zoom lens
Ultra-fast start-up (1.2 seconds)
Improved autofocus performance
High quality VGA motion capture at 30 frames per second with sound matching camcorders for motion picture smoothness
RAW Mode enabling unprocessed file saving