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Lower car tax for C02 efficient cars back dated to Jan 1st 2008

Minister Gormley of the Green Party has decided to back date motor tax to 1st Jan 2008. This means that if you bought a new car in 2008 you have the option to opt in and pay a lower motor tax. This was supposed to come into place on July 1st 2008.
I drive a 1 year old Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI deisel which has C02 emissions of 132, I will pay 560 euros motor tax this year, if I had bought the SAME car in 2008 I would be paying 150 euros motor tax.
John Gormley should allow a car from any year to opt in to this scheme. Drivers who have made the decision in the past to drive an efficient car should be acknowledged.