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Fujitsu Siemens predict a decline in demand for PDA/GPS units

The Register report on the fact that Fujitsu Siemens will no longer produce PDA/GPS units as they perceive that smartphones will deliver the same functionality. I don’t agree with this assessment as it seems that the sales of PDA/GPS units are starting to mushroom in Ireland. The most popular unit in Tipperary Institute is the TomTom One followed by the Garmin Nuvi.
If you can produce an attractively priced unit with an intuitive interface such as the TomTom One then you are on to a market winner. What needs to happen next with these units is that their API’s need to be opened up so that communities and interest groups can develop their own add ons and populate easily the back end mapping database.
Fujitsu Siemens to drop PDA, GPS gadgets