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Greener Home Schemes is inefficient and financially unattractive

The greener home scheme in Ireland is inferior to the scheme in Northern Ireland and the UK. It does not address the following issues.
Wood Pellet Central Heating
The complete cost of a wood pellet system includes items such as a 4 tonne hopper tank, 5000 litre insulated tank, 4 inch supper insulated pipe. These are are not covered by the grant

Solar Water Heating

Does not cover the cost of dual coil stainless steel tanks (associated labour). The same grant applies to both panels and evacuated tube even though evacuated tube is more efficient and occupies less sq meters.
Wind Energy
There is no grant available for the generation of domestic electricity. Regulations prohibit the selling back of excess energy to the grid. A domestic house would need its meter changed from mechanical to a smart meter to support selling excess units to the national grid.
If we are serious about renewables we have to offer a financially feasible alternative.