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Intel Network Processor Division may be sold off

TIPPINST – Rumors are mounting that the IXP division of Intel responsible for their NP products may be sold off. The Register cites an article in the news paper the San Jose Mercury who have claimed to have seen documents relating to the sale. The Intel’s IXP network processor and its Xscale business – which made mobile chips for phones and other mobile devices are being sold off as a single business according to the paper. The IXP wing of the business generated income of $150 million in 2005. The title of the article in the Mercury “How Intel Wasted Billions” sums up the motivation for this review of their communication business.
This sale could have serious ramification for academic research into multi-processor SOC’s and NP related work. Intel through their Academic Programme have fostered and promoted a very strong research programme with Institutions world wide. I suspect that more will be learned when I attend the ANCS conference in San Jose in Dec 06. Academics and research students (that includes yours truly) will have to wait and see what developments will arise.