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Irish Auctioneers and BER Referral Fees

There is an interesting but disturbing conversation taking place on www.boards.ie with regards to auctioneers and the practice of recommending BER assessors. Some BER assessors are being approached by auctioneers with a proposal that the auctioneer gets a % referral fee.

Some BER assessors are approaching auctioneers and suggesting that they give the auctioneer 100 Eruos for every referral. The SEI have put out the idea that a BER aseesement costs 500 euros, I have seen lower prices being mentioned on boards.ie in the past. Some discussions have outlined that a BER asessmenr takes about 3.5 – 4 hours. 500 Euros for 3.5 hrs is good money, if you can get it.

BER Referral Fess